Maharashtra State Rural Livelihoods Mission
     Maharashtra Rural Livelihoods Innovation Forum
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  • Social Inclusion

    Innovations engaging marginalised communities and groups like the disabled, aged, tribals, dalits, destitute women, etc. Read more

  • Livelihoods and Sub Sectors

    Innovations in agricultural, fishery, forestry and livestock management and may include improved productivity/production Read more

  • Financial Inclusion

    Innovations in financial services may include better savings, credit, insurance and remittance products that mitigate risks and vulnerabilities of the poor Read more

  • Technological Innovations

    This category will include innovations in technology such as ICT, fuel efficient, low-cost, easy-to-use and durable implements and machinery Read more

  • Media and Communication

    Innovative media and communication strategies and products will be considered in this category. Traditional communication Read more

  • Social Entrepreneurship and Inclusive Business Models

    Special emphasis will be made to encourage private sector partnerships with community institutions by supporting social enterprises Read more

  • Public Sector Innovations

    Innovations in this category will include facilitating access to public services such as food security enhancement health, education Read more


Creating an institutional architecture that is both enabling and empowering for the poor to access better livelihoods and improve their standards of living would be one of the key objectives of the mission in Maharashtra. Such an architecture would allow a coalescence of multiple stakeholders including community led initiatives, civil society organizations, private/corporate bodies, state agencies as well as individuals involved in pioneering/innovative work.  
Salient Features of the MRLIF
  • Plays a critical role in rural livelihoods improvement on a large scale
  • Facilitates continuous integration of livelihoods innovations across sub-sectors
  • Focus on partnering with multiple stakeholders and agencies including social entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, the corporate, the government, development agencies and academia - by leveraging their respective strengths in developing viable business models at scaled up levels as well as providing incentives and encouraging investments in rural livelihoods.
  • A unique initiative of the Government of Maharashtra towards strengthening rural livelihoods        Read More...
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